The Confession by Jessie Burton – ★★★★★ – 5 Stars

I have always been a fan of Jessie Burton’s books. Her stories and writing are just captivating and full of twists and turns. This book  has two main characters, Elise and Rose, who are the main storytellers in this narrative. Elise’s perspective takes place in the 1980s when she meets a Hollywood writer, Constance Holder.

Their love affair takes them to LA where Connie’s best selling novel is being made into a film. Three decades later, Rose starts to question about the disappearance of her mother and confides in her father. He tells her that the novelist Constance Holder was the last to have seen her, Rose then seeks more information about her mother by befriending Constance behind another identity.

I loved this book, it is filled with so many little gems of twists and just becomes a beautiful yet a sad story of a missing relationship. This has a coming of age vibe with Rose finding her identity and finally start to live her life.

It’s just a really heart felt story. I can not recommend Jessie Burton’s books enough.

Author: Amy Thompson from The Messiest Bookshelf

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