Scouse Gothic: Vampires Come To Liverpool

Enter a world where the gothic comes to Liverpool in this first instalment of Scouse Gothic. Based on some of the best spots dotted around the city, this novel follows Melville, a vampire in mourning for his long lost love and the lives he’s already lived. See some of the most popular haunts around Liverpool transformed into a fictional haven for all things vampire, celestial and murderous…

First Thoughts

As a novel that has gained a lot of interest recently, I’m glad to see that the author carried on the narrative of this novel. It’s something to read with a mid-afternoon coffee, and really encompasses the city of Liverpool as only a Liverpudlian can. If you’re looking to lose yourself in a fictional novel based in this amazing city, then I highly recommend this page-turner.

Writing Style

If there’s one thing I would criticise about the novel it would be the writing style. It seemed very dreary at times and I found myself wanting the author to get to the point a lot quicker. I counted a lot of instances of “and then” in his sentences, and as an English Literature graduate, I couldn’t get past it at times.

Having said that, it didn’t put me off the novel entirely. I would just say to try and push through some of the simpler aspects of the writing, it’s worth it if you’re into the story.

About The Author

Ian McKinney, born and raised in Liverpool, had left the city when he was young in order to make a life for himself. After returning many years later, he found the city he knew transformed into something new and bustling. It’s easy to see this reflected in his novel, and it’s a nice juxtapose with his ancient vampire character and the new and bustling city he lives in.

You can find Ian on Twitter and Facebook.

Where You Can Buy Scouse Gothic

All of Ian’s books can be found on Amazon. If you’re based in the UK, you can order your copy here. For those based in the USA, you can purchase the novel here.

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